This website is devoted to exposing abuse at Immanuel Baptist Church, of Louisville, KY, by having former members share their stories about the harm done to them, and by revealing the manipulative tactics that have kept these things in the dark.

The collection of stories is to show the extent of the problems and the varying ways they manifest, and in honor of 1 Tim. 5, which requires multiple witnesses for accusations against elders. Our hope is that those who have been damaged by Immanuel’s abusive pastors (especially Ryan Fullerton) can gain clarity and healing from seeing that they are not alone, and that Immanuel elders can be removed from their positions of authority due to many years of clearly demonstrating unfitness for ministry and repeated unrepentant sin.

The website also provides additional explanatory articles, and resources for understanding church abuse in general. May God bless the truth and give comfort to the many bruised reeds that have come out of Immanuel.